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DrFormulas Dermatrope Acne Treatment | How to Get Rid of Cystic/Hormonal Acne & Prevent Scars

DrFormulas Dermatrope Acne Treatment | How to Get Rid of Cystic/Hormonal Acne & Prevent Scars
DrFormulas Dermatrope Acne Treatment | How to Get Rid of Cystic/Hormonal Acne & Prevent Scars
DrFormulas Dermatrope Acne Treatment | How to Get Rid of Cystic/Hormonal Acne & Prevent Scars
DrFormulas Dermatrope Acne Treatment | How to Get Rid of Cystic/Hormonal Acne & Prevent Scars
DrFormulas Dermatrope Acne Treatment | How to Get Rid of Cystic/Hormonal Acne & Prevent Scars
DrFormulas Dermatrope Acne Treatment | How to Get Rid of Cystic/Hormonal Acne & Prevent Scars

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  • EVERYTHING IN ONE EASY PACKET – A single packet contains DIM, Turmeric, Probiotics, Zinc and Fish Oil for the healthiest, clearest skin
  • HORMONE BALANCE SUPPORT– DIM Complex provides natural hormone balance by promoting the metabolism of hormones that cause increased oil production
  • ANTI-OXIDANTS and IMMUNE SUPPORT – DrFormulas Fish Oil and DrFormulas 30x Turmeric help to support a healthy inflammatory response. Many skin problems are caused by immune responses. DrFormulas Fish Oil is a concentrated fish oil extract that contains 700mg of Omega-3 Oils per softgel. DrFormulas 30X Turmeric Extract contains Turmeric extract that is 30x more concentrated than regular Turmeric powder. Both ingredients work together to support a healthier immune response.
  • Nexabiotic® PROBIOTICS – Our product contains Nexabiotic® Probiotics with 23 different species of probiotics in 1 easy to swallow capsule. Studies have shown that lactobacillus deficiencies are associated with unhealthy skin. Get a broad spectrum of lactobacillus probiotics with Nexabiotic®
  • DrFormulas Dermatrope Clear Skin Support is proudly Made in the USA.

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Oral Natural Acne Remedies

Having acne can be a challenge. Not only does it affect the way that you look, but it can also affect your self-esteem and the way that you feel about your own body. While there can be multiple causes of acne on a body, many are caused by Propionibacterium acnes — a bacteria that can colonize on the skin and in the hair follicles, causing unsightly and painful red bumps.1 Other types of acne are caused by excess sebum, which is a natural skin oil that can build up and cause red, swollen bumps.2
Luckily, while acne can be painful and uncomfortable to deal with, there are some natural ingredients that you can take to help alleviate the problem. Here are some of the best oral natural acne remedies.


Turmeric is a plant that is commonly used to add spice and flavor to food. Consuming turmeric can help with acne because it reduces inflammation in your body.3 In addition, Turmeric has been shown to have antimicrobial properties, which means that it may be able to kill bad bacteria that cause your skin to break out out.4


Some experts believe that one of the causes of acne is bacteria in the gut — which can leak and cause a response of inflammation on the skin.5  Probiotics help restore digestive balance, boost your immune system and boost skin health so that you can naturally fight acne from the inside out.

Fish Oil

Another product that might help you combat acne on your body is fish oil. Fish oil is high in a substance called omega-3 fatty acid, which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects. A recent study showed that acne sufferers who took omega-3 fatty acid for two months ended up seeing a significant reduction in body & back acne.6 In addition to taking fish oil supplements, you can also try increasing your intake of fish and seafood, which naturally contain omega-3 fatty acids.


DIM — or diindolylmethane — is a supplement that is commonly take to help treat acne.7 DIM is found in cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and more. Experts believe that DIM could help people who suffer from acne, because it helps with hormonal balance, and it may be able to stop excess oil production.8 If your acne is cystic acne or caused by oily skin, DIM might be a supplement that can help you improve the condition of your skin.
Suffering from acne can be a drag, but luckily, there are natural products that you can consume that may be able to help reduce the problem. If you take oral acne treatments to help your body get and stay healthy and maintain a normal skin care hygiene routine, you may be able to enjoy a life of clear, smooth, acne-free skin.


Studies show that people with acne tend to have a zinc deficiency and zinc supplementation may reduce acne by up to 50 percent. Zinc supplementation can help acne by restoring healthy zinc level, which tempers the skin’s inflammatory response, leaving it less vulnerable to C. acnes bacteria. 

Customer Reviews

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Does DIM cause more cystic ance breakout

Extreme bleeding and clotting

Omg I have been taking these supplements for like 4 months and all of a sudden I started bleeding uncontrollably like I came on my regular menestral cycle and I usually stay on for 7 days and after the 7 days I was still bleeding now it’s been several says and I am still bleeding and clotting anyone reading this review please do not buy this product I believe the DIM that’s in this product has messed up my hormones now I have to see my doctor behind this and I also broke out and started itching and had broke out in hives as well this is so horrible for me.

Alternative to Accutane

I am four years post-accutane and suddenly started to break out again. I did not want to go through accutane again and read good reviews about DIM. After using it a month, my skin has improved. I also got a microdermabrasion facial and have been using acne covers at night, but I do think the supplement stopped more acne from forming. Hopefully a second month of it will get my skin back on to looking good again.

It's ok

I've been using this supplement for a week, and so far I haven't had any new cystic acne breakouts, but I do think that it causes skin to purge (which mine is) before it heals The cystic acne that I had under my skin is finally coming to a head. I will leave an updated review after another week

25 years of relentless acne

I have been battling acne since my early teens. The last two years made major diet changes in hopes my skin would clear up only to have it worsen. I was skeptical about trying this product since I couldn’t find many reviews on it but decided after lots research I’d give it a go. I mean, what have you got to lose when your face is at its lowest point and you have tried almost everything under the sun. I’ve been taking these supplements for less than a week and have felt such a relief that they have already began clearing my acne. My face, which was covered in tiny hard irritated acne bumps under the skin are 95% gone. I have total faith after doing my research that my face will continue to improve. I definitely recommend this product.