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DrFormulas™ Hairomega® Foam 2% Minoxidil | Natural DHT Blocker Topical Serum for Hair Loss, 4 FL OZ

Minoxidil Foam
Natural DHT Blocker
DHT Blocker

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  • Hairomega Foam promotes healthy hair growth through two ways: 1) Blocks DHT using its unique blend of herbal ingredients. 2) Has minoxidil to boost the circulation to the scalp, helping to nourish hair roots and follicles.
  • Hairomega Foam is a proprietary 2% Minoxidil foaming solution combined with a blend of herbal DHT blockers.There is no other product like it on the market. It features minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine® along with ingredients that block DHT directly on the scalp.
  • Each bottle contains 4 fluid ounces, a 2 month supply. Does not contain artificial colors and flavors, chemical preservatives, or gluten
  • Made in a FDA Inspected, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) facility in the USA from US and imported ingredients
  •  Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

Minoxidil Foam

Over the past few years, a number of treatments for hair loss in men and women have been developed. One of the most successful medications is minoxidil, the active ingredient in Rogaine®. Minoxidil is a potassium channel opener that widens blood vessels. It was initially used as an oral medication to treat high blood pressure, then physicians began to notice unexpected hair growth in patients. Researchers found that topical minoxidil stimulates blood supply to the scalp, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach and nourish hair roots and follicles. This shortens the telogen phase of hair growth – the resting phase – and stimulates resting hair follicles to enter the anagen phase – the growth phase – early [1].

Although liquid and foam hair growth products may contain the same amount of minoxidil, minoxidil foam has two main advantages:

  • It is kinder to the scalp. Unlike the liquid form, Minoxidil foam contains no propylene glycol, a substance that may cause skin irritation and dermatitis [2].
  • It is easier to apply. Minoxidil foam is easy to apply and does not drip or dry out hair, nor does it make hair greasy.

Minoxidil foam is applied directly to the scalp. When it is first applied you may notice some temporary hair loss. After around 6 months, you will usually begin to see renewed hair growth for as long you continue to use the treatment.

DHT Blocker

DHT Blockers may help support healthy hair growth by supporting healthier levels of DHT. Herbs used in HairOmega® Serum with 2% Minoxidil Foam that block DHT include saw palmetto and myricetin. Extracted from the fruit of the Serenoa repens tree, saw palmetto is a natural DHT blocker.

A DHT blocker combined with Minoxidil not only stops hair loss but also helps to support strong, healthy hair growth.

What Exactly Is In Hairomega® Serum?

2% Minoxidil Foam

DrFormulas™ Hairomega® Serum contains 2% minoxidil, which is a concentration that is strong enough to support hair growth in men and women [3]. As mentioned above, minoxidil has been clinically proven to help with hair regrowth, as it boosts circulation to the scalp so hair roots and follicles receive more nutrients to grow healthier and stronger than ever before.

DHT Blocker

DHT is one of the main reasons for hair loss in men and women. This may be a result of hormone imbalances. DrFormula’s all-natural DHT helps support healthy hair growth by supporting healthier DHT levels at the scalp.

Grape Seed Extract

Grape seed extract is rich in resveratrol, which has been shown to have a number of health benefits including improving circulation [4] and supporting heart health [5]. It may also help wound healing [6]. Because it helps with circulation, grape seed extract can benefit hair by allowing oxygen and other nutrients to reach hair follicles.

Of the many hair growth products on the market today, HairOmega® Serum with 2% Minoxidil  Foam stands out because of its unique blend of minoxidil and other herbal ingredients that support hair growth. By combining multiple ingredients, HairOmega® Serum is a revolutionary hair loss treatment. Each bottle contains 4 fluid ounces, a 2 month supply and is proudly made in the USA.

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I have used this product through Dr Formulas for a year and an really impressed by both. An order went wrong due to an address mix up. Dr formulas reshaped first class express without cost.abd arrived in NZ 5 days later. I highly recommend this company

DrFormulas™ Hairomega® Foam 2% Minoxidil | Natural DHT Blocker Topical Serum for Hair Loss, 4 FL OZ

Good stuff!

I'm one month in - too early to tell if it's working

Grateful the supplements are packaged in a #2 recycling bottle. The ingredients sound great with the exception of Silica. Maybe the foam version 2 could include a stick nozzle for easier application


DrFormulas™ Hairomega® Foam 2% Minoxidil | Natural DHT Blocker Topical Serum for Hair Loss, 4 FL OZ


So far helping