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On average, your scalp contains around 100,000 hair follicles. Throughout your lifetime, each one will grow around 20 new hairs. Each of your follicles passes through cycles of rest and growth at different times (so you don’t lose all of your hair at once). The length of your individual hair growth cycle depends on your age, hormones, and diet. As you get older, some of your hair follicles may lose the ability to develop hair.


Both men and women can experience hair loss. In men, hair loss is typically seen around the temples and on the crown, which is known as male pattern baldness. In women, the hair thins all over the head and the hair line remains the same.

The main culprit of this type of hair loss is DHT. DHT reduces the size of hair follicles, preventing hair from growing longer and thicker. Although women generally have a much lower DHT levels, it can still cause hair loss in women.

A good solution for this type of hair loss in men and women is minoxidil as well as a potent DHT blocker, such as DrFormulas™  HairOmega® Serum with 2% Minoxidil Foam. This hair growth product stands above the rest because of its blend of Minoxidil and natural DHT blockers, which provide a dual-action solution for hair loss and complete support for hair growth.

Hair Vitamins and Minerals

A balanced diet, packed with vitamins and minerals, is vital for healthy hair growth. Some vitamins and minerals are more important than others, such as:

Vitamin C: A deficiency in vitamin C can play a role in dry and brittle hair[1]. In combination with other nutrients, vitamin C helps support hair growth by assisting with collagen production and with the absorption of non-heme iron[2] (iron from plant sources).

B-Complex Vitamins: B vitamins, particularly biotin, are important nutrients for hair. Biotin helps support hair growth by strengthening the structure of the hair shaft.

Vitamin E: This vitamin helps hair growth by supporting good circulation in the scalp, which helps to transport oxygen and other nutrients to the hair follicles.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A promotes healthy hair by keeping the scalp in healthy condition.  

Vitamin D: Vitamin D strengthens hair follicles. It may also promote the growth of new hair follicles[3]. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to hair loss.

Iron: Iron supports hair growth by promoting healthy circulation and transporting oxygen and other essential nutrients to hair follicles. A deficiency can lead to hair loss.

Magnesium: Hair loss is one of the signs of magnesium deficiency. Because of magnesium’s role in supporting blood flow, it helps with the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These essential fatty acids support hair growth by enhancing the inflammatory response and improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients to hair follicles.

Zinc: This essential mineral supports hair growth by strengthening hair follicles. Studies show it may also help to promote hair re-growth in some cases of alopecia[4].

Selenium: Combined with zinc, selenium assists with healthy hair growth by maintaining balanced hormone levels and boosting the immune system.

Because you cannot always be sure that you’re obtaining all the nutrients you need from food, you can improve the strength and thickness of your hair with HairOmega® DHT Blocker with Biotin hair growth pills.  With its proprietary blend of natural ingredients, this supplement supports healthy hair growth and inhibits hair-thinning DHT. It also contains the essential vitamins and minerals you need for healthy hair growth.

For additional support for the health and appearance of your skin and nails as well hair there’s HairOmega® 3-in-1 Hair, Skin, and Nails with Biotin. This supplement is formulated with a unique blend of vital vitamins and minerals as well as all-natural herbal ingredients to support healthy hair, skin, and nails. Why take three separate supplements when you can get all the benefits in one?

Choosing the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

Maintaining healthy blood circulation to the scalp is crucial for stimulating healthy hair growth because it means your hair follicles are getting the oxygen and nutrients they need. Keeping your scalp and hair clean improves circulation and promotes the growth of strong, healthy hair. The problem with many shampoos today is that they contain harsh detergents that dry out the hair and roots completely, causing irritation. Look for a shampoo that cleanses gently with all-natural ingredients. Using the right conditioner is arguably even more important. When you wash your hair, shampoos tend to strip away much of its natural oils. After shampooing, a good conditioner can restore the oils that protect your hair. DrFormulas™ Argan Oil Infused Restorative Shampoo is free of hormone disrupting parabens and is made with a combination of all-natural products including argan oil, which adds moisture to your hair and prevents brittleness and dryness. These products cleanse and condition without harming your hair or your scalp, even if you have sensitive skin.

Throughout the day, your hair can be beaten up by the use of styling products, hair dryers, curlers and the sun’s damaging UV rays.  Sometimes giving your hair the nutrients it needs to stay healthy with a proper diet can be difficult. Browse our selection of healthy hair growth products today to help keep your hair thick, shiny and beautiful.







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