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Are You Getting Enough Fiber in Your Diet?

Are You Getting Enough Fiber in Your Diet?

You've probably been told countless times that you should consume more fiber but like many Americans, you've probably found it hard to. Foods that are high in fiber like fruits and vegetables are expensive and require a lot of preparation. Foods that are readily available like fast food are usually processed to remove all the fiber.

Why have we trended towards foods that do not have a substantial amount of fiber?

Fiber simply does not taste good. It is rough, hard, and indigestible. Fiber does not break down in your stomach nor does it provide your body with any nutrients. It simply passes through your intestines and gives them a thorough cleaning. It also makes stools softer and easier to pass through.

If you are finding it hard to incorporate a substantial amount of fiber into your diet you can supplement it with fiber in powder or capsule form. We recommend Metamucil as it tastes pleasant - like orange juice - and helps you get the recommended daily allowance of 25 grams of dietary fiber.

Most Popular Blog Posts

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