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The Meal Plan to Lose Weight

meal plan to lose weight

What to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

Being at a healthy weight can be a key to maintaining an enjoyable, comfortable, and long life. Studies show that maintaining a healthy weight can lower the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and other harmful health conditions.[1]  If you want to stay healthy and lose weight, below are tips to help you make healthier choices to lower your caloric intake and help you lose weight.

1. Reduce High Fructose Corn Syrup and Other Sugars

Studies have shown that reducing the amount of sugar you eat can help people lose weight, so try to limit the amount of sugar that is in your diet. [2] Start by avoiding foods that have unnatural, added sugar like high fructose corn syrup. Try getting your sugar from natural sources, like fresh fruits and dates. The sugars within fruits are harder for your body to absorb. They require chewing, digestion, enzymatic breakdown which slow down absorption of the sugars.

2. Substitute Processed Carbohydrates With Whole Grains

Carbohydrates are foods that are made with starch and sugar. They have a huge effect on blood glucose, and they can have a significant impact on your body weight since they can spike your blood sugar and then drop it -- causing you to be hungry and eat more.[3] If you remove carbohydrates from your diet, make sure you remove processed ones; healthier carbohydrates like whole grains, unprocessed corn, and legumes like soy and chickpeas have lower glycemic indices and do not cause drastic blood sugar changes like processed carbohydrates. Unprocessed carbohydrates also have more fiber which can help you feel more full and eat less. 

3. Substitute Fattier Red Meats with Leaner Meats

Red meat -- like beef and pork -- should be limited if you're trying to lose weight. Red meat tends to be fattier so they include extra calories. They also tend to increase inflammation inside the body once consumed. Substitute red meat with leaner proteins (like fish and chicken). 

4. Eat Healthier Fats

Fats are essential to life as the walls of each one of your cells are derived from fats. Furthermore, your brain is mostly made of fat which insulates and directs electrical signals down the correct path. The food pyramid asserts that you should only consume fats "sparingly" which we disagree with. Healthy fats should be consumed more often.

Fats from nuts and fruits like avocados are great. Fatty fish such as salmon and tuna are rich in inflammation-reducing omega-3. Bad fats include fried foods which are loaded with processed fats derived from soybeans (soybean oil) or rapeseed (canola). These are not healthy as they are empty calories. Avoid fatty bacon as it is full of carcinogenic preservatives such as nitrates and nitrites. 

5. Eat More Nuts

Because of the emphasis placed on low fat diets in the 80's and 90's nuts are currently thought to be bad for you. Studies have proved otherwise. Persons who incorporate more nuts into their diet end up eating less calories from other unhealthier sources. Eating nuts as a snack before meals will help you to eat less during your meal. 

Nuts are known to increase satiety - the feeling you get when you are satisfied and full. They are also high in unsaturated fats and protein and low in carbohydrates, causing your body to burn off carbohydrate stores.8 

6. Eat More Fiber

Fiber is the plant material that your body cannot digest. Because your body cannot digest it its benefits are two-fold. Fiber is low in calories and can help you feel full. Fiber helps you eat less and supports digestive health by nourishing the probiotic microbes inside your gut and cleaning out your digestive tract. 

meal plan to lose weight

7. Exercise - The Best way to Lose Weight Fast

Exercising is critical if you want to lose weight fast. Start with 30 minutes of exercise per day and build the time up once you get adjusted. It doesn't have to be an intense cardio routine. Simply walking your dog or vacuuming the house count as exercise. Exercise doesn't only help you burn sugar and fat stored on your body, it also increases your level of endorphins, boosts your mood and helps you sleep better at night. [7]

How Effective are Supplements & Laxatives to Lose Weight?

There are no shortcuts to weight loss. Stimulants suppress the appetite and increase metabolism but can be addictive. Laxatives cause diarrhea and weight loss due to dehydration and cannot be used long term. Instead of taking laxatives which can cause dehydration & electrolyte deficiencies, make the aforementioned changes to your diet and start exercising regularly. The fastest way to lose weight is to follow the dietary lifestyle advice above.

For an extra boost to your weight-loss plan there are some supplements that can help including: white kidney bean extract, apple cider vinegar and prebiotic fiber. You can benefit from white kidney bean because recent studies have shown that it blocks carbohydrate absorption. [4] Apple cider vinegar is also a beneficial supplement to try because studies have shown that consuming it can increase satiety and decrease appetite, and studies have also demonstrated that fiber helps increase satiety. [5] [6] 

These simple tips can help you lose weight. By sticking to these dietary changes and by incorporating exercise into your life, you can enjoy a body that feels good (and looks great, too!) Changes to the choices you make will add up over time so don't get discouraged if you "cheat" occasionally. Remember these tips and continue making healthier diet choices.