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Minoxidil Beard Growth Treatment: Does It Really Work?

 Minoxidil Beard Growth Treatment : Does It Really Work?

Beards growth happens between a man's late 20s to early 30s (sometimes later). There is no way to control the thickness, color or texture because much of it is tied to one's genetics. The main key to growing a beard is patience; however, there are ways to increase the growth rate of your beard.

Minoxidil Beard Growth Treatment : Does It Really Work?


How Does Minoxidil Work for Beard Growth?

While it is mainly used for stimulating hair growth on the scalp, many people believe that minoxidil can stimulate facial hair growth.The exact mechanisms for minoxidil remain unknown. Some studies speculate that minoxidil works by elongating the anagen phase of hair cells. Hair cells go through three general phases:

  • Anagen (growth phase)
  • Catagen (regression phase)
  • Telogen (rest phase)

The hair cells cycle through these three phases as new growth replaces older growth. Male pattern baldness (scientifically known as androgenic alopecia) and other hair loss disorders are often characterized by a shortened anagen phase, which is often influenced by the hormone testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). How minoxidil exactly prolongs the anagen phase is unknown2.

Other studies suggest that hair growth could come from enhanced blood flow. In one double-blind study, subjects did show increased blood flow in their scalps.3

Minoxidil Beard Growth Study

It stands to reason that if minoxidil can help to enhance hair growth on your scalp, it can work to promote facial hair growth. In one study, 4% of women with female pattern baldness/hair loss, or FPHL, using minoxidil to stimulate hair growth on their scalps experienced the side effect of hypertrichosis, or excessive hair growth on the body, particularly on the face.4

Another report on women using minoxidil also resulted in subjects experiencing severe hypertrichosis (excessive hair growth) on the face and limbs after using 5 percent minoxidil for two to three months. The study hypothesized that this may have been caused by systemic absorption of and a high sensitivity to minoxidil.5

Although minoxidil has led to cases of women excessive hair growth on their bodies as a side effect of use, there have actually been no clinical studies in men to support minoxidil beard growth treatment. However, there are numerous anecdotal testimonies of men using the topical solution to grow facial hair, and the ability for minoxidil to increase blood flow and shorten the anagen phase still support the idea. The possibility that minoxidil may help to spur beard growth in men cannot be completely ruled out.

That said, the process may not work for all men. Genetics still plays a role in hair growth, and if you are over 40, trying to stimulate hair growth can be difficult. Some users have suggested that using minoxidil may result in facial dryness and irritation.6

Let’s take a closer look at beard growth treatments.

Other Methods for Faster Beard Growth

1. Hair Growth Vitamins

A well balanced diet with the right hair growth vitamins and minerals can help increase the growth of your hair in general, including your beard's.

2. Testosterone Boosters

Low testosterone and low DHT levels can stunt your hair growth. It is important to keep these hormones in balance for good bear growth.

3. Moisturize 

Skin dryness and hair dandruff can irritate your hair follicles and subsequently stunt beard growth. Often times, it can even lead to hair loss. Therefore, it is important to find a beard softener packed with hair growth essential oils such as jojoba oil and argan oil.

One great option is HairOmega Hair Growth Conditioner.

4. Exercise

Ultimately it is important to live an active lifestyle. Exercise not only improves your overall health but it also improves your appearance. Good blood circulation helps nutrients and oxygen flow throughout your body so your organs can function optimally. Consequently, your skin will have what it needs to grow the best beard your body can produce.

5. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is the most popular over the counter treatment for stimulating hair growth and slowing down balding. While it is available in tablet form for treatment of high blood pressure, minoxidil is most commonly applied in as topical formulation. It is most effective for people under 40 years of age suffering male as well as female pattern baldness.


Minoxidil Beard Growth Treatment

If you are interested in a good minoxidil beard growth product, check out our minoxidil foam. DrFormulas™ HairOmega® Foam comes in a 2 percent minoxidil foam solution to minimize side effects and irritation.